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Lifestyle Solutions

Use Revre tinctures in a variety of ways to maximize the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Food & Beverages

Revre Infused EVOO

Combine 10 ml Revre Natural Tincture (500 mg strength) with 8 ounces of your favorite extra virgin olive oil. We use the fantastic olive oils available from La Terra Natural Oils in Savannah, Georgia. Store and use with all your recipes that call for extra virgin olive oil.


Berry Revre Smoothie

Combine crushed ice, blueberry, strawberry, banana, mango, pomegranate juice, milk and 5 ml Revre Natural Tincture in blender.

“The Revrita” – Top Shelf CBD Infused Margarita

2 parts Don Julio Reposado Tequila
1 part Topo Chico Mineral Water
1 part Tres Agaves Margarita Mix or a teaspoon of Agave
The juice of half of a fresh lime
10 ml Revre CBD Orange Tincture

In a shaker, add ice, Don Julio tequila, Tres Agaves Mix and lime. Shake aggressively. Add Topo Chico and shake once.
Serve up or on the rocks with a lime wheel in a glass with a salted rim. Top with Revre Orange Tincture floater.

Pets & Tinctures

Add Revre Tinctures to your pet’s meal or treats to help with joint pain & inflammation, storm/separation anxiety, and overall wellness.

Revre Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treats

Ingredients & Directions:

1 can 100% pure pumpkin puree
1 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup peanut butter
5 ML Revre Natural Tincture

Blend all four ingredients until smooth.
Pour into ice cube tray. Freeze overnight.

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