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Hemp is now legal in Texas!

Part 3 of our CBD Beyond The Hype series

On Monday, June 10, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed hemp legislation making hemp production legal in Texas. Texas is likely to be a large producer of hemp in the future which adds an additional vehicle for growth to an already strong and surging economy. It’s especially exciting for us here at Revre, being proudly based in Texas.

CBD users in Texas can now feel comfortable that they will not be hassled by law enforcement for use of a product that is already legal at the federal level. The law clarifies that CBD with up to .3% THC is now legal in Texas. Previously, Texas was a zero THC state. This will allow potential users to enter the market without the fear of committing a crime. Additionally, TSA has recently ruled that you can travel with CBD (see our recent post on this topic).  

It’s an exciting time for hemp in the US, creating new opportunities for growers, consumers and the economy as a whole. And they always say — a rising tide raises all ships.

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