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Isolate Advantages

Isolate Advantages

In a recent blog post, we explained the value of using a broad spectrum CBD solution for pain management, but what about the other solution we offer? 

Why did we stick with a CBD isolate for our tinctures and face serum?

The truth is, CBD isolate is not necessarily better than broad-spectrum CBD. It just serves a different function. Both bring their own unique contributions to the table, and we believe isolate offers a few advantages that fit perfectly for some of our products. 

What are those advantages?

I’m glad you asked. 

I’ll give you three..

  1. CBD Isolate is the Purest Form of CBD

CBD isolate is CBD at its purest form because it gets extracted from our Kentucky-grown hemp. 

See, hemp plants have all sorts of compounds in addition to CBD. Broad and full spectrum solutions utilize a mixture of these compounds, but isolate gives you just straight CBD.

They get this kind of purity by performing what’s called a supercritical CO2 extraction process. 

Basically, these extraction machines freeze and then liquidize the CO2 gas. Once in a liquid form, they add pressure and raise the temperature to enable the CO2 to take on properties in between a liquid and a gas at the same time. That’s why “supercritical means.” They then use that supercritical CO2 to pull all the CBD out of the plant. 

It’s a pretty wild and expensive process, but it’s also entirely safe because when CO2 is in its supercritical state, it leaves behind any unsafe properties, making it ideal for chemical extraction. 

What you’re then left with is pure CBD isolate with no other hemp compounds interfering. 

  1. CBD Isolate Makes it Easy to Add Flavors

One of the coolest factors about stripping the CBD out of the hemp is that it takes away more of the grassy or earthy flavors that come with plant-based oils.

This makes it easier to add some of our own natural flavors like in our orange tincture. Soon we’ll have lavender, mint, and ginger as well. These not only make the oils taste great, they bring their own natural remedies along too, allowing users to potentially have even better  experiences.

Of course, if you want the full experience and taste of hemp, we can get you that too. We made our natural offering to accommodate that need.

  1. It’s a Safe Option

CBD Isolate, like broad-spectrum, has no THC, the compound that gets you “high.” 

This is a big win for those who want to experience the positive aspects of hemp without any psychoactive effects. 

Tons of stories have surfaced about how CBD usage has helped relieve pain, decrease anxiety, and improve sleep. The Mayo Clinic says that usage is often “well-tolerated.” If side effects do occur, they’re typically pretty minimal: dry mouth, diarrhea, changes to appetite, fatigue, and drowsiness, stuff like that.  

Now, let’s be clear here. The scientific jury is still out on CBD. The only CBD medication approved by the FDA is a seizure medicine that is made with CBD isolate. But as more and more anecdotal evidence surfaces, scientists have started tons of research projects on other medications and CBD usage in general. 

Until that research is complete, we truthfully just don’t have enough information on it to have empirical proof, especially when it comes to long-term effects, but the existing results are looking very promising. 

The biggest challenge researchers have found revolves around regulation. The sad reality is that many CBD companies don’t sell the same things they promote. They mix in all sorts of stuff and don’t actually give you a natural product.

That’s why you’ve got to find brands you can trust. Plus, you should probably speak with your doctor before giving it a shot too. They tend to know about things like safety risks and whatever.

Bottom Line

CBD isolate offers users a chance to try CBD in its purest form. Adding natural flavors happens much more easily, so you can get away from the plant-like taste if you want to. Finally, because CBD isolate removes all the THC, it’s a safer, less risky way to experience what hemp has to offer.

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