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I love golf. Everybody who knows me knows that golf and other outdoor activities are a passion of mine.  I had been sidelined from most activities by herniated disks in my lower back and neck when a doctor friend of mine suggested looking into CBD.

I started asking golf buddies and colleagues if they were familiar with CBD.  Most had heard good things about it but did not have any firsthand experience. They were eager for me to try it and share my thoughts. Me “trying” CBD led to months of research. I was excited by the results from studies I read as well as the history of the hemp plant over literally thousands of years. Finally, the science persuaded me to try CBD and the benefits I felt made me a believer.  I still have occasional back pain and stiffness, but CBD has helped me to manage my symptoms while staying fully active.

When I began recommending (and explaining) CBD, it was clear the science was poorly understood and cynics like me were missing out on its benefits. Armed with my research, I convinced 50 of my most skeptical friends to try CBD.  Almost without fail, they saw better sleep, reduced anxiety and/or less pain.

CBD worked, even for the cynics, but they only tried CBD because they trusted me. This meant there was still a problem. CBD is a new and unregulated market so it’s nearly impossible to compare the many small brands with little to no history or transparency.

I created Revre because I wanted a brand I knew I could trust and that I’d feel completely comfortable recommending.  Revre delivers best in class products, zero THC affiliation, and 100% transparency. We’re also researching 100+ cannabinoids beyond CBD to provide natural solutions for as many people as possible.

CBD isn’t a miracle drug or a cure-all, but it consistently “takes the edge off” and, unlike prescription and OTC drugs, it’s natural.  Revre is a brand you can trust. Join the Revre family as we create natural solutions that improve your health.

To feeling your best,
Rob Clements

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